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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 11: Database

I hate databasing. I hate it with a passion sometimes and I wish I could just hire someone to do all the database-related stuff for me. I probably would actually do it if it didn't take just as long to explain what I want done as it takes doing it.

There are a couple of reasons I hate databasing. The first (and biggest) reason is that it brings out my slightly OCD-ish tendencies. A good example of this would be the item list. Most people would just add items as they need them to the already existing list. It's a little messy, but you do get a drop-down list when you manipulate items. I actually have to go in and organize those items. First by type (potions, status effects, keys, quest items) and then by potency (weak potion before strong). I'm sure there's a rational reason for it somewhere. I mean, it might save me a couple seconds of browsing through a random item list.

But the real reason is that it makes me uncomfortable and a little stressed. I actually squirm in my seat a little. And it's, really, like having a fly in the room. You know that it can't technically break anything, bite you or otherwise hurt you. But the incessant buzzing is enough to drive a person absolutely bonkers!

The other reason why I hate databasing is that it's, in reality, extremely productive, but I've got absolutely nothing to show for it. I guess I could, technically, show a screenshot of the database, but who wants to look at that without their eyes glazing over?!?

So, that's my week in a nutshell. Super productive (yes, I really mean that!) and a huge step closer to releasing a new build of the game. But nothing to show for it.


  1. You should give us a screenshot anyway of the database. :P I was contemplating that when I finish the events in my game, hahaha.

    I had someone doing my databasing for me for the first version of SSP, but it felt awkward and I hated certain things and I'm really unsure if I'll make him do it again. It feels like I'm less in control and I tend to get really frustrated when he doesn't do it the way I want it (so just cut to the chase, I just do it myself). I hate getting frustrated at people when I get very specific and all that.

    @_@ You can do it, Lunarea! *shakes some pom poms for Luna*

  2. If you're going to be eventing stuff yourself, it definitely makes more sense to do the bulk of the database stuff. Otherwise, you end up wasting time on figuring out where things are (item ID?!?).

    I can't wait for SSP to be done. You're so close!