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I am a gamer, an artist and a hobbyist video game designer. When I'm not doodling one resource or another, I love to read books, make paper crafts (cards) and bake yummy goodies.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hobbies: Card Making

One of the big things I've been into lately is paper crafting - more specifically, making handmade greeting cards. I get to exercise my creativity, as well as practice various traditional art techniques. For one of the cards I made a few months ago, I got back into watercolors and came up with a fabulous sunflower. For another, I used a patterned paper to make a pinwheel that you can spin around.

Today, I finished a Steampunk-inspired birthday card and I wanted to show it off:
I haven't decided who's going to be getting it quite yet (I have to find a fellow Steampunk enthusiast first), but it came out pretty neat. The best part is hard to see in the picture, but there are areas that are torn off. So, there are these raised little paper edges that are fun to touch.

Anyone else have neat crafting projects/hobbies?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Title/Game Over Graphics

Here are a few pictures I've created for a title or "game over" screen. They're pretty simple, but maybe they'll be useful to someone out there. Click on images to see full versions.

Purple Night Variety:
Background for titles.

I couldn't decide if I liked Game Over or The End better, so both are included.

Blue Night Variety:
Title Background

The background image does not scroll, but you could also use it as a parallax image in small (17x13) maps.