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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 1 & 2 Download

Here we are, guys!

Chapters 1 and 2 are finally available for download.

Chapter 1 + 2 ***
* Note that there is a Font folder with 3 files included. Please make sure you install them prior to playing.
** You will need to download and install VX RTP (you can find it here).
*** Special thank you to Reives from Freebird Games for being gracious enough to provide me with free hosting on his server.

Let me say that the list of things that have been changed is extensive. New graphics, new content, fixed issues, and much more! This is as close as I'm going to get to a complete release. There will be only a few very minor changes to these two chapters with Chapter 3 release. It's mostly a couple small cosmetic changes to the text and adding a couple side-quests for Ahmiran. It's nothing that will require you to re-start the game, however. Your save files should work just fine from this point on. But, just in case ... I'm going to be providing save files from this point on.

Major thanks to the beta testers! Especially Ronnie and Volrath who were absolutely amazing with their feedback.


  1. Hey Lunarea,

    Just going through this, I noticed a teeny error in the dialogue during the menu tutorial: the faerie said "This menu shows detailed information about the character's statistics and and resistances". I love this game so far though, great job! :)

  2. Ah, great catch!

    Thank you, I will make sure it's fixed.

  3. Hello once again,

    I just finished this the other night, and I must say that if I could, I would give this game an 11/10. The quality of the parallax mapping is incredible, the plot develops at just the right pace, the custom face sets and sprites are refreshing, the characters have solid personalities, there's a lot of good humour, and I love how innovative it all is without deviating too far from the classic RPG-style. For example, an older hero rather than a child/teenager saving the world; a hero who is actually reasonable, and who is able (unlike most RPG characters) to get over the trust-breach of Claudia without taking it as an offence to his manhood; and a hero whose traits develop based on the sidequests and choices you make, rather than be pre-determined for you.

    There are, however, a number of errors I picked up on. None are serious (ok save for one, which made me have to reset), and they don't detract at all from the quality experience. Just thought I'd point them out for fixing:

    1. Camille in the flower shop says "... the different properties herbs and flowers" (I believe it should be *of* herbs and flowers).
    2. After saving Cordellia from the Bee Queen, the lone tree just above where she lay has a sprite issue - when the hero walks right up to it and then walks to the side, he passes under the trunk of the tree.
    3. The sign in the forest reads "South: Summervalea"
    4. There's a rat animation that is stuck in the wall to the left of the white hexagram in the sewer.
    5. In CTN, the note for the yellow crystals reads "Independend Republic of Maia"
    6. After giving the letter to the receptionist at the academy, the hero can walk right over both the tiles to the left and right of the receptionist (the desk and clock to the right, and the flower/chair to the left).
    7. At the beginning of Chapter two, Molly says "And I'll never appologise for it"
    8. As soon as the hero docks in Chapter two, his head can be seen cutting through the sails of the small boat to the far left.
    9. Inside the warehouse, the tutorial reads "merchendise" and "if you make mistake".
    10. The ship captain in Par Tillian says "You are better of getting a ferry from Ahmiran"
    11. In the mine, the guy buy the seam just above the entrance says "find your own escavating spot"
    12. When trying to reset the boulder in the mine, the screen does not fade back in. This is where I had to reset, because I couldn't find my way out.

    Sorry to point out so many bugs, I feel like I'm bashing your work. But I seriously can't wait for chapter 3! This is how an RPG Maker should be used - to create real quality games like this one. Great work so far, keep it up! :)

  4. Oh, please don't feel like you're bashing! I've learned that as much as I can try, there will always be at least one small bug or two that will get past me. I definitely appreciate the time you take to report anything that's off. :)