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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Art is therapy. Therefore, after feeling a bit tired and drained today, I decided to just doodle a bit for Super Secret Project (I swear, I need to give you guys a name!). I just drew the main character's faces in a very quick 5 minutes. And then, surprisingly, I loved the result so much that I started to think about using that instead.

Here is the original face (style 1):
Cute, right? It's straight from the pre-order Ace bonus.

Here is the face I drew (style 2):

This is actually closer to how the character looks in my head.

Two things to keep in mind ... If I went with style 2, it would stay as you see it now. So, slightly messy lines and a flat color. However, because it's so quick to create, it means I could make faces for all NPCs as well as the characters.

So, which one do you prefer?


  1. Unfortunally I prefer style n°1, it mainly for the same reason you mentioned : "So, slightly messy lines and a flat color."

  2. So far, the count is divided pretty evenly! About half the people like #1, and the other half prefer #2. So, I guess I'll have to think some more and figure it out. XD

  3. Style one shows more character and expression.

  4. Style 1 looks close to some games I've played before so it's a more familiar style. But it might be nice for NPCs to have faces. I still would prefer style 1 though.