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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starlight: Weekly Update 1

In between fancy tile making, I've found a bit of time to make some faces. As I've mentioned already, I'm using Jalen's chibi base and making faces with that base is almost ridiculously fun. Each face takes very little time and I know that using them will give those characters so much more personality!

And since pictures speak more than words, here is a sample of some of the NPC faces I've finished:
They will be a little less fuzzy in game.

Other than the fun artsy thing, I've also got most of the gameplay planned out. I'm actually very excited about it because it sounds both fun to make and fun to play. I'm going to try finish making the database soon, so I can be better organized through the development process.

Things to do next week:
- Finish more NPC faces for the main town hub
- Get started on skill and item icons
- Finish up items database (for stuff that's planned so far, anyway)


  1. I like them still I hope in the futur you will detail their coloring :)

  2. I can't see very well , but is the one in the center blushing?

  3. Yes, he is! I may make the faces a bit larger, too. Their original resolution is about twice the size of RTP faces (192x192 pixels). So, it won't be an issue to resize them to allow a bit more detail. :)