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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Progress: Mapping

I've slowly started putting together a tileset for the inside of buildings in the starter town (Burgunda Port). It's still very much a work-in-progress, but it's getting there:
I've still got to change the floors (they're a bit too matchy) and the drawer handles on the cabinets.

I'm also finding it more difficult to reuse the old TUAH maps because the new sprite base is taller. Walking around on the old maps basically looks like walking around munchkin-land. It's not a huge change (a few pixels here, a few there), but it's enough to have me reconsider some of the maps I'd planned.

Other than that, I've made very little progress. It's been a busy week in other ways for me, and next update will also probably be somewhat brief as well. -_-

However, I hope to make it up with some extra resources soon. I've been working on a few fun things I think you'll like. :)


  1. They are so lovely *_*

  2. Ack, my mapping looks so stupid in comparison to yours :O

  3. If you could add a little candle in each room, it will improve the warmth that emanates from this image.