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Friday, March 22, 2013

Back and tiles

Eep, I just noticed it's been well over a month since I've posted an update. Between work, life and health keeping me busy these past few weeks, I've barely had time to breathe. But I'm finally back on track (I hope!) and catching up on various projects.

Several people have had issues downloading from Photobucket, and I'm really tired of trying to constantly switch links etc only to have Photobucket screw it up again with a new beta build. So, I'm going to be slowly reposting my resources in my blog and give you all an extra download option.

I don't want to overwhelm the blog with a ton of pictures, so they will be released in batches.

Common/Middle Class Setting:
~Living Room~
 ~Windows and Walls~

Terms of Service:
Free for use in non-commercial VX/VXAce projects with credit. Contact me privately for use in commercial projects.
Please do not re-distribute or post in other places! Link to my blog/post instead.


  1. Ah! Your layout changed!


    I like these resources, though I'm probably the only in the XP boat. :(

    1. Yes! I've been fiddling with it a little, trying to get it more user-friendly. My next step is to turn the Categories links into something similar to the page tabs. I also added a search bar for convenience. :D

      I'll be sure to post my XP resources, too. If I ever find some free time, maybe I'll make a couple of new pieces. XD

    2. I'm sure I got a bunch of your XP resources, but I do wonder if I've missed some. :D I found a whole bunch recently and applied them to Ghost Shards!

  2. Thank you very much.. really.. special for that "Free for use in non-commercial VX/VXAce projects with credit."

  3. Can these tilesets be used in RPG Maker XP?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.

      They can be used in RMXP as long as you also own RMVX or RMVX-Ace. :)

    2. Like having bought RMVX or RMVX-Ace? Will the trial version work?

    3. They would have to be bought versions. Some of the pieces are RTP edits, and I have to abide by the RTP license - which says you can only use them in RMXP if you own VX or VX-Ace.

    4. Okay thank you :) I bought VX-Ace. But I realized. Are the tilesets made for VX-Ace meant for the smaller player types? Like the chairs are smaller then those in XP? Or maybe it's just me.

    5. Oh and sorry for the almost a whole year late reply o.o

    6. Yep, they're smaller than XP chairs, as they were made with RMVX/Ace in mind (and those characters are only 1 tile tall). :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Digi,

      These are add-ons, so you would need to add them to an existing tileset or to a blank tileset with an art program like Photoshop or GIMP.

      This tutorial will help:

  5. i don't know how download this tilesets ;-;