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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Party Sprites

I've been working on more party sprites. I'd like to finish them in the next week (or so), and then move onto the NPCs.

Claudia's new sprite

Cordelia's new sprite

Other small tidbits that got done:
- Got the graphics for some enemies for the beginning area. Nothing huge, as Thalzon's battlers are incredible by themselves, but a few little touches to make them a bit more unique.
- Started conceptualizing the puzzle for the beginning area. It's an ice zone, so I'm trying to decide between a slider puzzle (player or objects) and lighting torches.
- Finished conceptualizing the first mini-game - complete with how it will be evented (in theory anyway).

And that's all for this update! 


  1. Nicely done Luna! :) Although I feel their heads move a bit too much.

    1. Left/Right, or Up/Down?

      It goes down 2 pixels when they step, but I can change that to 1 pixel.

      The left/right would be a lot more tricky to change, and possibly involve re-drawing the RMXP animations. And that's a ton of work if I have to do it for every other walking NPC. -_-

      But thank you! I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out overall.

    2. Oh don't worry, I meant Up/Down haha. And yeah 1px movements would do way better.

    3. Phew! That's simple enough to change.

      Thanks for the feedback. :D

  2. Oh man, I wish I could do GIFs so I can update the Ghost Shards blog with all the graphics we've been doing!

    They're cute, by the way! :D

    1. Thankfully, Photoshop comes with the option to make a .gif, and it's pretty easy to make one.

      I'd definitely love to see your .gifs too! I hope you can post them sometimes. :D

    2. So I ended up doing GIFs today.

      If you want to see them, here is the Ghost Shards blog:


      Note I made the GIFs, but Big Boss (my boyfriend) made the actual animations - though I helped a bit. :D

    3. I left you a comment, but they look really awesome! Animations make a huge difference in making your game stand out - even if they take forever and a day to make. XD

  3. They look like women on a mission. I like the look of these custom sprites - the combination with the revamped designs has made a big difference. But it's the NPCs that can bite you in the bum with this approach and if I remember right, this game had a LOT of NPCs. Have you thought about how to tackle that part of it?

    1. Also, this is Volrath. It has me logged in as my blogger name...

    2. The really beautiful thing about this particular look is that mostly made with some clever editing. I'm spending more time on the party, but the NPCs take about 5-10 minutes to create at first. Then just a few seconds to recolor and switch out hair.

      (Also, hi! I totally wouldn't have recognized the name if you hadn't said something) XD

  4. Hi Lunarea - looks like Celianna got her wish. Well - she's really been working hard to find a reason. However, you need to know this.

    Banned users do not have access to Product Support or any forum pages for that matter.


    So, Lunarea, with polite respect - you are mistaken - banned users have zero access to support.

    Acknowledge and I'll take down the notice on site.


    1. Hi dw,

      I was originally just going to delete your post, but that might give the wrong impression.

      So, I will just say that this is my personal blog that's in no way associated with RMW. I do not want to, nor do I have to answer RMW-related issues here.

      I would appreciate it if you contacted staff members through official channels. I'm pretty sure you have their e-mail.


    2. Sorry, was hoping you could help - well - have a good one, lass.

  5. Hi,

    They look nice, good work. :)