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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mushroom Tile Add-On

As per Strawberry's request, I redid my giant mushroom to look like something that fits better with RPG Maker. Click on the link to get the full size. Also posted here.

Terms: Free for commercial and non-commercial use in any of Enterbrain's RPG Maker programs.
Do not repost/redistribute! Link to this blog post instead.
Credits: Lunarea


  1. Nicely done! You may want to have them update the official blog. There it says these are free for commercial and non-commercial use while here you say only non-commercial is free.

  2. Hey! Nice shrums !
    Just wanted to know why is the terms of use are restricted to the RPGmaker series ?

    1. I like to keep some of my work exclusive to RPG Maker's products. Since this particular set was both a request from someone in the RM and featured in the official RMW blog, it seemed proper to keep it restricted to RPG Maker use. :)