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Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter 3: Locations

I wanted to share a few of the locations you will get to visit in chapter 3 - without spoiling the plot.

Arena & Tournament Grounds-
I know some players really dig battles, and I'm working on a challenge or two. But a lot of my ideas might be too difficult for a novice player. So, I thought I could include these ideas/fights in a tournament setting. The rewards will be upgrades to equipment, items and opening some side-quests. Since each character has an "ultimate" equipment set, at least one of them will only be achievable through winning tournaments.
The first tournament is plot-based, and will therefore be pretty easy. It should, however, introduce tournament rules (subject to change, I'm still working them all out):
- You can only wear the equipment provided by the tournament officials.
- You can only use items provided by the tournament officials.
- You are recovered to full after each battle, but you can only take a break/save at certain ranks (roughly every 3 battles or so).
- You can talk to your party members during breaks, giving you an opportunity to raise some relationship points.
- If you win, you get to keep all the equipment and left-over items, as well as automatically qualify for future tournaments.

Continent of Geldion-
Once you visit Geldion, you will be introduced to the political atmosphere of the world (Caeta). When Azazel and his armies entered Caeta, Geldion was the closest continent and so it suffered the heaviest damage. As a result, the continent is virtually barren and unsuitable for growing crop or keeping livestock. The survivors and refugees who returned to Geldion had to rely on their ingenuity and understanding of machines.
In the present, the nation of Geldion is known as the technological maven of the world. I'll be using the steampunk tiles I collaborated with Celianna on (and I'm very excited about this!). In terms of side quests, there will be several bounty-hunter type quests from the tavern boards, some basic fetch quests and there might also be a riddle or two.

It's the capital of Ahden, a very lavish and rich town. It has several museums and libraries as well as a big palace. I'm both excited about this town and slightly nervous, because getting just the right look might require a lot of custom spriting.

That's it for today's update! I'm still working on polishing chapters 1&2, but I've had a few graphic request that have eaten up a lot of time. I'm not giving a deadline, but I'm hoping to have more to updated by Saturday morning.

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  1. "- You can talk to your party members during breaks, giving you an opportunity to raise some relationship points."

    I love the relationship system. I had something similar a long time ago but it was much more transparent (and simple). I love it in TUAH because it really feels like you're gaining something.