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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly Screenshot

I bring you two screenshots from chapters 1 and 2 this week. I'm nearing the completion of the update, so you should be seeing a new download within a couple of days now.

This is the revamped CTN (Crystal Transit Network). It's a happy medley of technology and mysticism. The computers and wiring inside the walls creates several types of energy waves, which are amplified by the crystals. Each crystal has a microchip with specific coordinates embedded inside it, allowing the physical displacement (aka. teleportation) of individuals and groups.

The second screenshot is the revamped sewers. It was pointed out to me that the sewers were kind of bare and basic when compared to the rest of the mapping. So, using a few tidbits from the steampunk tileset, I've redone the general look! The puzzle (not much of one, I know) is still the same.


  1. I quite like your mapping style, though like I told you before, it's really varied in mapping skill level it seems. Eventually, I will compile you a list of specific maps I mean.


    This part in particular (of the above maps) bothered me. Other than that good job. I'm a pretty decent mapper myself, so you aren't getting advice from some random dude. :P

    Here's an old example. http://gyazo.com/f0a155177482416b90d6bb2bb8ca4e7d.png

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I'm looking forward to a complete list, as I'll likely revamp some of these maps and areas more than once. I would love to have cohesive mapping across the board.

    Though I don't anticipate spending too much time on it. Entering the vicious circle of redoing things would mean that the project would never be complete. I do, however, keep all feedback in mind. If nothing else, it will help me with future project(s).