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Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 13: Home Stretch

The past couple of days have been spent packing and mountains upon mountains of paperwork. I had originally planned to pack up my computer early as a way to avoid distraction, but it feels really nice to sit down at the end of the day and just relax with a game or some other creative endeavor.

So, let's start the update with a screenshot:
This is the new and improved Sparrowight Academy entrance. Still a bit of a WIP, thus possibly subject to a few cosmetic changes.
I love Inquisitor's tileset, but it's radically different from the VX RTP style. So, Flora's architectural masterpiece has been redesigned to look a bit more magical and charming (hopefully, anyway!). A new "outside" section was also added.

The last of the maps to revamp will be the inside of the academy. The change here will probably be the most radical, as I will be adding new areas that will be accessible during chapter 3 and onward. There are a few very fun side quests that take place at the academy. I hope you'll enjoy them!


  1. I am loving this much better than the previous one. The previous one stood out in a bad way, but I figured--it's a magic academy. I can live with it. But now that the style is cohesive with the rest of your maps, it just looks plain lovely. You're wonderful at this! :D Can you backtrack during the game? XD I keep missing little things I think.

    I hope you're packing well! Always sit back sometime and enjoy a cup of tea or whatever your favorite drink is. Always helps. :P

  2. I had a specific image in mind when I was making that map and Inquisitor's tileset came closer to it than the RTP. But now that I have more resources at my disposal, there's really no reason to keep it. It looked more out-of-place medieval than magical, anyway. XD

    End of chapter 3 and on will allow you to backtrack and really explore at your leisure. I just can't wait to be completely done with the graphical overhaul.

    Packing is ... going ... Stressful, busy and "oh gosh, I cannot believe how many things we own!" type of deal. But it will be worth it eventually! (I hope so, at least)

  3. Hi Miss Lunarea,

    I would like know if you're open for commissions?

    Please, if yes, send me a email on telles.gabriel (arroba) gmail.com

    I'm interested in some tilesets, simple and small tilesets, I'm sure you can done it for me, I just need to know how much it will cost ^^

    Thanks, have a good day lady.

  4. Hello!

    I've sent you an e-mail with some details. :)

  5. Hey! I found your site while running a search on comissioned pixel artists, and I'm quite interested in getting some work done. I looked for some contact information, but alas found nothing. If you would kindly send me an e-mail at hilts.vaughan@gmail.com, I would love to discuss some possible work. :)

  6. I have sent you an e-mail, Vaughan! :)