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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here is my list of things that need to be finished for revamped chapter 1&2:
- Finish mapping 2 extra areas for Bethlam Tower.
Thankfully, the two maps are monster/exploration maps and those don't take as long as town maps. I can churn out the two maps in a day or so. There's also virtually no eventing involved, save for populating it with chests and monsters. Since I'm using visual monster encounters, I only need to create one event that will cycle through troop possibilities and copy/paste it around the map.
- Finish skills and AI for 6 bosses.
The most difficult part about this is balancing the stats for the bosses. Obviously, they should be tougher than a regular fight, but not outright kill you on the first turn either. I've also done a few changes to the boss line-up that should make them much more interesting.
- Delete unnecessary maps and resources before compiling.
Although I know TUAH will inevitably end up as a large-sized game, there's no reason to include all the resources at once. Especially since you'll have to download the newer chapters again.
- Playtest and playtest.
Just to make sure everything is running smoothly. One thing I've learned is that no matter how much time I spend testing, I can't catch all the bugs/typos/etc. So, I'm not going to spend an excessive amount of time testing. I will try to catch any game-breaking bug, however.

Phew! That's a rather short list. I'm not giving an ETA, but I really hope I can finish all of this within a week.

In other news, Joerao is awesome and will be composing a couple of tunes for me. Volrath is also awesome and may be making a trailer for TUAH. I'm so excited!


  1. Will there be beta testers <3?

    1. I have a couple of friends testing so far, but an extra beta tester or two would definitely be a good thing.

      If anyone's interested in beta testing (or you just want to get your hands on the game sooner and don't mind potential bugs), do let me know!