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Friday, January 27, 2012

Progress update

I'm still hard at work on finishing up the release. All the graphics are completed, as are the extra maps. The only part that's left is the much-hated database (I'm looking forward to having that all done), rebalancing the battles and test playing. I'm both looking forward to testing everything and dreading it. I'm almost tempted to take the "super lazy developer" route and have some poor beta-tester check the game instead of doing it myself. If I wasn't determined to give y'all a quality game, I would totally do that *insert crazy laugh here*.

I leave you with two gifts. One is another screenshot of revamp maps:
General Store. Don't you just want to shop there?

And the second is a portrait and faceset I did:


  1. You know, for the record, I find game testing very pleasing in the development process, second only to databasing. I never understood why people don't like doing that.


    1. The database has to do with my slight OCD tendencies. Since it engages a different part of my brain than art does, it can actually be a great break. But I constantly try to get organized and shift things around. This can often double the work for me. So, it's not the database itself I mind, but how horribly inefficient I am with it.

      Game testing is fun, except right before release. Then I'm so excited to share the game that I want to rush through it and just release it already. But OCD tendencies strike again and I have to check everything - which takes forever. And I'm, again, terribly inefficient with it. Instead of playing through it once and writing down all the mistakes/bugs, I play until I find a mistake. Then I stop playing, fix that mistake and go back to testing the game from the beginning. So, depending on the number of mistakes, I end up playing the game at least a dozen times (which, at 2 hours or so per play, pushes the release by a day). I still don't catch all the mistakes, either XD

  2. Hi,
    The store is lovely, are you going to make it avaliable?
    Thanks anyway!

    1. Hi Alice,

      I've thought about it, but it has material from other artists that I don't have a right to redistribute. I will, however, try to make a store set at some point. I know it would be useful to a lot of people. :)