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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Progress: Mapping and Expressions

Though I just updated on Wednesday, I'm trying to go back to my regular updating schedule.

Despite being busy, this week has been pretty productive for TUAH.

The first thing that was completed is Claudia's new faceset and expressions:
She is back to her quirky, sarcastic and flirty self. Yay!

The second thing that's been completed is yet another revamp of Burgunda Post:

I was not entirely happy with the previous version. In re-scaling for the taller custom sprites, I found that the town lost a lot of its charm and purpose. So, the town has been remapped to have more of a log-cabin look - which is much more true to the town's purpose than the previous map.

And the third thing that's been done is reworking and restructuring the town to actually include the gameplay features that the player should really see from the very beginning. So, the following changes have been made:
- You will be able to actually shop in various shops. This is a change from my original "you shall unlock special shops later on" sort of deal that TUAH's had thus far.
- Added a blacksmith shop where you can get quests for weapon upgrades. There will be one of those in most towns, as I don't want to make constant backtracking into an obligation.
- The magic shop will have a fortune teller that will tell you your relationship with various party members as well as your personality traits (which have also been revamped).
- You will actually be able to complete two side-quests in the town or immediate vicinity. I think it was too confusing to get quests that you can't even turn in until much later.

And that's the gist of my week!


  1. Great work, this week, Luna! :)

    What's that blue thing in Claudia's faceset, though?

    The map fits this sprite style a lot better indeed. Also, I like your ideas about the blacksmith shop and fortune teller (as well as those two side quests, 'cause it was indeed a little confusing :P).
    Btw, how many party members do you have planned for TUAH?

    1. Oh, the blue thing is basically a watermark. It's not in the faceset, but it is an animation that plays when spellcasting. :D

      8 planned party members. Originally, the last 2 didn't even show up until the last 2 acts. But that doesn't give a whole lot of time to develop or enjoy playing them. So, they'll be showing up much sooner now.

    2. Ah, ok :)

      Gah, can't wait to hear more about them, then :D