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Monday, January 23, 2012

Adding Content

As I was organizing the database last night, I realized that there wasn't a whole lot of "playable" content in TUAH so far. Chapter 1 has the player exploring Bogden forest, which is all of 3 maps in size. And outside the main-quest related fights, you don't even get to fight anything! Chapter 2 is not much better. Gullad mountains is supposed to have a huge mine, yet it only had 2 types of enemies. Worse yet, the tower had absolutely nothing outside the boss fight -which, let's face it, was a pretty sad one at that.

So, I will be adding more stuff. More maps, more fights and more treasure chests.Thanks to Thalzon's fantastic battlers, I've got a ton of fun enemies for you to encounter. I've already mapped out the enemy types. I'm moving onto their abilities and testing after that. Then it will be a matter of adding more maps.

Is this going to delay the release? Well, no. I'm still planning on releasing the updated graphic version sometime this week. The extra content will be added and released with chapter 3.

In the meantime, here's an extra screenshot for you guys:
~Spiffy Ahmiran~


  1. ~Spiffy Ahmiran~ is spiffy! :D And yay for more to do in TuaH! You keep getting me geeked out about your game again. I still cannot wait to play the rerelease!

    1. It's funny, but the extra maps are turning out to be easier than I thought they would be. I've come to the conclusion that cutscenes/puzzles are a huge time sink. Making maps that don't have them take considerably less time - not to mention that it's fun to add little nooks and crannies to explore.

      If everything goes well, those extra maps might be out in this re-release. All that's left for now is a bunch of little things and testing (and testing, and testing, and testing). XD