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I am a gamer, an artist and a hobbyist video game designer. When I'm not doodling one resource or another, I love to read books, make paper crafts (cards) and bake yummy goodies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to normal

Things are slowly coming back to normal around here and I'm finding myself with time to actually sit down at the computer for longer than 2 minutes. This means that TUAH is finally back on track! I haven't completely stopped working on it for the past month, but most of the work has been behind the scenes: writing up dialogue, fiddling with the plot and expanding on the puzzle ideas. That kind of work is much needed, but it's not something that can be shown off. Well, I could technically take a picture of my notes, but they don't make much sense unless you're aware of some major spoilers.

I've also been trying to get into the swing of arty resource-making. I've finished a priestess portrait:
If you're interested in seeing all the portraits and such, I have a thread here that's finally been organized. Definitely register! There are people around there that have waaay more talent than I do.

Anyway, look forward to the weekly updates again!~ I should have something to show very soon.


  1. Hey luna

    Nice thread that you created.
    Just cant wait to play your game.

    Oh.. and btw, Happy New Year.

  2. I missed you Lunarea! Loving the new portraits--you've done a great job with them! Can't wait to hear more from you. :D

  3. @Ramandeep Singh:
    Thank you! I hope to be able to share a good demo soon.

    Thanks! I really liked doing the portraits. I think they're some of my favorite art-related stuff I've done recently.